About Us


/meᐧher/ [noun]
grace, kindness, love, affection, sun
It’s not about us…. It's all about you.

Our Jewellery

Lovingly created around meaningful themes of personal empowerment and intention, each piece of Meher Jewellery acts as an intimate reminder of human heart, soul and strength - designed and forged as a symbol of our own unique path. Collections represent a woman’s individual journey and sensibility.

Crafted in gold with precious and semi-precious stones, the workmanship in every piece speaks to nuance and truth. Aspirational messages of positivity and promise are evident in the names and styles of our symbolic designs which evoke precious notions of family, peace, wisdom, self-belief and spirit.

Our jewellery is fashioned to harness emotion, providing the wearer with power and an ability to affect change or growth. We can write our own script and do so with joy, hope and faith.

Choosing a piece from Meher Jewellery is an experience to treasure; wearing it is a form of self-expression.

Our Founder

Meher Iqbal’s eponymous label launched in 2017, borne from a desire to create jewellery to be worn as talismans of hope and inspiration. Handcrafted in 18K gold, collections reflect the personal stories of the wearer, thus each piece is full of meaning and often autobiographical. Initial pieces were made for friends to celebrate emotional, momentous occasions in their lives - the cherished birth of a long-awaited child, the joyous launch of a first book - crafted with intent and unique to each recipient. Meher Jewellery tells a story.

Meher notes that inspiration for every piece she designs stems from emotion. When describing herself as a visual person, Meher explains how she relates emotion to objects. This translates into jewellery that is both significant and symbolic. Meher looks to the sky when she prays and as such the sun, moon and stars feature frequently in celestial designs to inspire hope and faith. A subtle nod to the Art Deco era evokes revival and rebirth, that first ray of dawn breaking the darkness. Similarly, the label’s logo of an upward trajectory denotes positivity, growth and potential.

The message of empowerment, promise and self-belief remains a celebrated theme throughout Meher Jewellery collections.


Workmanship and crafting sustainably is central to Meher Jewellery collections and as such gold is recycled whenever possible. Where gold is bought, it is sourced from UAE ethical reserves. Likewise, Meher Jewellery adheres to the strict protocol in the UAE for stone sourcing.