About you


/meᐧher/ [noun]
grace, kindness, love, affection, sun
It’s not about us…. It's all about you.


A Dubai-based company launched in 2017, Meher Jewellery employs love and extreme care to craft customised handmade jewellery in 18 ct gold and, often, semi precious and precious stones.

MEHER JEWELLERY is not just about taking pride in our work and developing a quality, well finished piece. Our ethos revolves around what the client imprints on their chosen piece. Each client personalises their choice based on who they are and what they want to say about herself -- a message just not for the world, but a reminder for themselves. Ultimately, you own the branding, not the other way around.

Bored by a culture which puts emphasis on brand labels, where what you’re wearing informs the world about you, MEHER JEWELLERY aims to put things right. We want our client to choose their message to proudly declare who they are - be it a warrior, a mother, or a survivor; be it sharp edged or soft; be it a message for those around you, or just for yourself. That’s your power to wield as you wish. You see, it’s not about the product but the emotion it stirs in you, the wearer, and the message it sends to the world. At MEHER JEWELLERY we encourage you to be your own brand, not labelled by anyone else.


Ultimately it’s all about you.

Why flaunt another brand when we can have our own identity, OWN YOURSELF!!
Be your own brand ambassador.
Because baby, you are gold …. Solid gold!